Picking a Title is Hard!

Really, it is. You need to find 1 word, or a short series of words, to make you sound clever, edgy, intelligent, cool. It’s too much pressure.

I’m a complicated person. No one word defines me. *I think I heard that in a movie once. Pay no attention.

I feel like I’m exactly the sort of person who SHOULD have a blog. If for no other reason, to exercise my typing fingers. I don’t know, I think everyone has a blog now. I suppose you don’t have to be THAT special.

Anyway, when I’m driving home from work at midnight and there are no cars to be seen, I think about things…strange things, normal things, parenting things, work things, society things. I find myself perfecting the phrasing that I’d use if I were to write about it. I’ve got a bunch of stuff knocking around in my head. So, maybe I’ll actually get some of down in writing and release it into the world.

I’m a lot of things. At the risk of sounding like a tool, I AM a little bit complicated. I can’t write everything about myself in one title. So here I am, Simply Jess.


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