Nothing But Flowers….

A colleague of mine posted this link via Twitter….

Basically, because the economy has dipped and people are buying less, many stores are expected to close in 2009. Even chains with solid performance are expected to cut/downsize/adjust. Big box stores are closing (and, after this slow holiday season, will continue to close) and without the large anchor stores, strip malls are getting less traffic. In turn, smaller store in these centers are being forced to close.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the economy to go to hell. I don’t want people to lose their jobs. However, I must admit, the idea of a few strip malls closing down completely isn’t completely bad.

I live in the middle of chair-store, strip-mall hell. It’s disgusting. In certain places you can’t distinguish Douglasville from any other suburb of Atlanta, or any other suburb in the rest of the country. There’s a part of me that would show up cheering if they decided to bulldoze a couple strips down. Of course, they’d be more likely to let the structures stand abandoned and rot while there was another shopping center constructed down the street. (A girl can dream though, right?)

The whole thing makes me think of the Talking Heads song ‘(Nothing but) Flowers’.


While the rest of the world laments the downturn of the economy, I’ll be dreaming of wildflowers…….

“This was a Pizza Hut, now it’s all covered with daisies……”


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