Bow to the Street Captain

So, after the situation on Tuesday, I wrote to the president of our HOA.  I just wanted to touch base and express my concern that our street is such a hazard.  Really, I just wanted to take the opportunity to get involve a little in my community.  Our subdivision desperately needs some “community feel” and for residents to take some ownership of, and pride in, their community.  I always have big thoughts and then, be it my strange work schedule or commitments to my family or fear that nobody will follow me, I always sort of back off.  This time I went ahead and connected with somebody who could help.  The response was fine, just a “thanks for writing.  you’re absolutely right, something needs to change”.  But there were no solutions, no action.  I thought that maybe I’d try to get the people on my street together (an idea I’ve been toying with)… know, sometime.

Today I checked my email and I had a message from the HOA president.  It said (basically) “I’ve been thinking about your email and your offer to help, and I was wondering if you might consider being Street Captain…..”

Street Captains are a concept they introduce last year to get each part of our giant subdivision to have some community spirit.  I think her offer to me came from my mention that I’d like to get everyone together to meet, get a dialog going and come up with some ideas about how to slow down traffic.  I guess I can see the connection.

So, after a little thinking (I know it’s going to come with some drama), I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  After six years living on this street, I’ll finally have a legitimate reason to knock on my neighbors’ doors and introduce myself.  And, quite frankly, I’m ready to get people together to do something other than complain.  So, I’m offically a Street Captain.  How very suburban of me. 

I have to admit…I’m a tiny bit drunk with power.


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