My Crazy-Ass Tuesday

Yes, this is a little late. I’ve been having trouble figuring out what my password was.

I had a crazy day on Tuesday. Here’s the story….

Main points: * Not my car *everyone’s okay *crazy stuff happens to me (even on a Tuesday afternoon)

At around 12:30p, I was doing some stuff around the house when I heard a series of crashes. It sounded a lot like a load of snow falling off the roof….but being Atlanta in March, it obviously wasn’t (even though we DID get an inch of snow the other day). I stepped out onto the porch to see what happened and didn’t immediately notice anything amiss. Then I noticed that one of the trees in my front yard was now a mangled stump.


Then I noticed that many of the small trees along the edge of our lawn were gone. My first thought (which makes no logical sense) was that a bigger tree had fallen and taken the smaller trees out. I walked down my walkway to look down into the gully below our house (I’m going to call it a gully, even though it’s not…it’s just a drainage area that’s overgrown with bushes and trees). At this point, I fully expected to see a fallen tree. Instead, I saw an SUV.


We live near the bottom of a hill, so I assumed that a car had been parked on the street, the E-brake had released and it had rolled across my lawn. I went inside to grab the phone and make sure Z was still sleeping and Amelia was still watching TV. When I came back out, I was surprised that nobody was outside lamenting their escaped car, but I figured they just hadn’t noticed. I was poised to call 911 when I realized that the engine was running. I took a minute and waited for somebody to get out. Nobody did. I started making my way down the hill, climbing through thorny bushes and calling down to the car. By the time I got to the car, I was sufficiently concerned.

When I opened the door there was a woman, approximately my age, screaming and shaking and trying to talk on her phone. I asked if she was okay and if she was talking to 911. She nodded and said she didn’t know what to do and handed me her phone. I gave the appropriate information and established that Krissy (the woman) was physically okay (even though she was losing her f-ing mind). I sat with her for a few minutes, holding her hand and trying to calm her, all the while checking to make sure Amelia didn’t come outside. While I was down there, I saw the fire truck drive PAST my house. I made sure that Krissy would be okay and I made my way up the hill to flag down the emergency vehicles. On my way up, I saw a police car drive past too. Ugh. So, I got up to my yard and flagged everyone down.

When all was said and done, there were 2 fire trucks, and ambulance, six police cruisers (4 Douglas County, 2 State) & 2 wreckers (one of which they referred to as “Big Daddy”) in front of our house. I can only imagine what people were thinking as they drove by……

From what the cop could figure, Krissy had been driving down the hill (obviously way too fast) and another car came around the turn on her side of the road. She panicked, swerved to the left & lost control. He thinks that our tree may have slowed her enough to save her from serious injury.

When they took her away in the ambulance, Krissy said her leg hurt (we’d find out later that it was broken), but other than that she was fine (although they took her on a back board as a precaution). My lawn didn’t come through as well. Although the tree was the only casualty of the actual wreck, pulling the car UP tore up our lawn.





Oh well, it’s only dirt.

So, The state patrol has learned that speed is a major problem in our sub-division. The cop was SHOCKED that the county hadn’t done more. I’m thankful that nobody was seriously hurt. I’m thankful that Krissy’s 2 year old daughter wasn’t with her. I’m SO thankful that my kids weren’t out playing in the front yard (this is made me completely rethink our home recreation plan). And I’m really glad that I was home…..there’s no way that anyone could have seen the car from the street and she could have been down there alone for a very long time.

Amelia’s reaction to all of this? “The fireman brought my basketball up from the bushes!” Awesome.


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