I am a Writer

Okay, this is weird.  First a little back-story….


I’ve always fancied myself a writer.  I like to read things that I’ve written.  I feel like I can string words together in a way that makes sense and sounds okay.  Punctuation is always a little cagey, but it’s because I write exactly how I would speak.  Come to think of it, it would probably be even better if I occasionally threw in photos of my face or hands so the reader could get the FULL effect. 


I remember getting a good grade in ninth grade Spanish class because I wrote a book about my favorite athlete (Mogul skier diva Donna Weinbrecht).  The teacher said  that I’d done so well because I wrote exactly what would have said in English and then just translated it, instead of writing based only on the words that I’d already learned.  That’s what made sense to me.


I’ve found that the only downside is, like a said, the question of punctuation.  That and the fact that I will too often begin a paragraph with “So…”.


So….(hehe, I did that on purpose)…I majored in Professional Writing.  That sounds impressive, but all it means is that I went to Carnegie Mellon University without the ability to excel at anything technical or artistic.  I got the degree, but I don’t think I’ve ever quite convinced myself that I deserved it. 


Here’s the thing….I’m from Vermont, where we’re known for speaking simply.  And as we’ve established, I write exactly how I speak.  So, I’ve got a pretty straight-forward, simple way of writing.  I don’t cloud my writing with a bunch of unnecessarily large words.  I HATE the word ‘juxtaposition’.  I like how I write, I think it suits me.  Still, I get completely intimidated when I read another writer’s more verbose prose.  I figure “oh, well there’s a good writer.”  The exception to that is when the writer is TOO verbose, especially when they use too many adjectives.  Oh yeah, that bugs me.


I suppose my main point here is that I let my insecurity keep me from writing.  This blog isn’t even something that I tell people about.  None of my friends or family have ever read it.  I figure that when I have a good chunk of posts, I’ll go public.  But damn, who knows?  And how will I know when I have enough?  And when I tell people about the blog, will I delete this post?


And now to the ACTUAL main point….in the last 3 days, I’ve had three very different people mention in passing that they enjoyed my writing.  One read a story that I’d written previously about something crazy happening.  Another based her opinion on my story about the lady running across our lawn.  The third just said that she finds me funny and that loves my Facebook updates.  All three told me that I should, to some degree, try to pursue it.  I like to think that I’m not a huge attention whore, bringing constant attention to compliments I’ve received.  I hope that people don’t think of me as a braggart.  But DAMN, did those compliments feel good!  I made a point to tell each person that I really, really appreciated them saying what they did.  It literally gave me a warm feeling in my heart.  It made me smile.


I’ve had a few ideas about writing.  I want to continue expanding a blog….perhaps start another blog about parenthood.  I’m working on an idea for a children’s book.  I recently found an ezine for hip parents that I hope to eventually be cool enough to contribute to.


This morning I read an article in my CMU alumni magazine about Zachary Quinto, a fellow alum, who’d now on a top rated TV show and starred in a film that will definitely be a blockbuster this summer.  Once he decided that he wanted to be cast as Spock in the new Star Trek movie, he made it public knowledge.  He told interviewers that he was going for it.  It inspired me…a lot.  This is a guy who came from same place I did, and now he’s taking over the world.  For too long I’ve let my insecurity hold me back from trying things, or even admitting that I wanted to try things.  From now on, I’m going to just declare my aspirations.


I am a writer.  More to come….


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