I’m Lame

So….I’ve found that getting comments on my blog is fairly addictive.  I’m sure there’s some deep meaning in my psyche that causes me to feel this way.  It means that somebody, a stranger out in the world, is reading.  Yes, I could tell more people about this blog….but the idea of strangers reading seems more appealing (something else for a shrink to analyze…but not my shrink, I don’t see a shrink).  Maybe it seems cooler because somebody is reading it because they WANT to, instead of because they feel that they need to (or they want dirt on me).

I checked my email today and saw that I had a “pingback” (ask me how long it took me to understand what this was).  I was so inappropriately excited.  Somebody was out there and considered my post enough that they related it back to something else.  My thoughts are part of a web of knowledge!  Hooray!

So I breathlessly click the link to get the details…..

….and it was a pingback from one of MY posts.   Yes.  I referred back to my ‘100 Best Novels’ post when I was writing about Catch-22 (I’m not going to link back to either of these because I don’t want any more pingback disappointment.  You can find the posts, my blog isn’t that big….)

Silly me.


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