Powering Through

Yeah, I’ve definitely never read Catch-22. I’ll be honest- I know it’s on the list, I hear that it’s a great book- but damn, I am not enjoying this. Maybe it’s the reader who, in his effort to assign unique voices to each character, keeps reminding me of John Candy. Maybe it’s Heller’s satire that, to me, sounds like a 16 hours version of “Who’s on First”. Maybe I need to get a little deeper into it. All I know is that it’s not holding me and I don’t look forward to getting in my car to listen to it.

So, when do I give in? When do I throw in the towel? This audiobook is SIXTEEN HOURS LONG. I’m on hour 4. Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and try to get through it….just to say that I did.

I just feel like I’m missing something. I’ve had it happen before. I’ll admit it….when I read The Grapes of Wrath I found Ma Joad extremely irritating. I was sick of her whining and secretly hoped that she would die of TB. Years later, I revealed this at a dinner party and an English teacher friend of my parents dropped her jaw in shock. I believe her quote was “But she’s one of the great heroines of modern literature!”. My response, in my ever-appropriate and sophisticated way, was to roll my eyes and say “Whatever”.

So, am I going to end up sticking Yosarian in the same category as Ma Joad? I’m not quite sure. I just read a synopsis of the book and it sounds like it’ll take a turn and perhaps develop a plot around chapter 12. By then will I even care?

All I know is that I spent all day asking my co-workers whether they’d ever read the book, hoping for encouraging input, and not one person could say for sure that they’d read it and/or remembered it. I’m starting to wonder about this “Top 100 Novel” classification.

Perhaps that’s the REAL Catch-22


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