I’m on fire!

You would not believe how much I got accomplished today.  Seriously, with no kids around I flew through everything I needed to do.  Well, I flew through a lot.  If I hadn’t taken a break and screwed around on Twitter, etc between each task, I would have done EVERYTHING. 

Cleaning went ridiculously fast.  I would set out to do something, unload the dishwasher for example, and I’d do it.  No pulling Z off the door or finessing knives out of his hands.  No telling cleaning up a cup of spilled milk and wiping a 4 year old bum.  I just….DID it.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give that other stuff up for the world (well, except the wiping…I could do without that).  But WOW it was nice to get something done on the first pass.  So then, when I finished, I’d look at the clock and only 10 minutes would have gone by! (Which led to the screwing around on the computer, but that’s another topic). 

Sometime in my 4 years of mothering, I’ve become a lot more efficient.  It’s probably the fact that I have to do everything in quick little spurts to save time for the “incidentals” (i.e. cleaning/saving/distracting the kids).  It’s like those athletes who train at high altitudes and then compete at sea level and are completely unstoppable .  I’ve trained with the extra weights on, and when they’re not a factor I’m on fire! And I’m so used to doing certain things over and over and over (picking up the living room), that when I do it once and it stays that way, it’s a little shocking.

I say this all like my house is perfect.  It’s so not.  But for the time that I devoted to cleaning/cooking/household errands, I rocked the house. 

Then I went and read a magazine in the sun (Hey, I’m on mom-cation!)


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