Food Drive

Seriously, my daughter is the sweetest person in the world.  She’s kind and thoughtful and just the coolest little person.  Yes, someday she’ll be 14 and hate me and write dark poetry about death and vampires…..but until then I’m just going to snuggle up the sweetness.

Today we got the post card about the Postal Service Food Drive on Saturday.  Amelia wanted to look at the card because it had a little ‘Family Circus’ cartoon on the back (and by the way, why was I so obsessed with reading ‘Family Circus’ every Sunday when I was a kid?  It’s not even really that funny).  After a few minutes of “reading” the information, Amelia asked what it was about.  I told her that the Post Office was collecting food for families that didn’t have enough.  This was our conversation…

Me: The Post Office is going to collect food for families that don’t have any food

Amelia: Everybody has food!  They just need to look in the kitchen!

Me: No, some people don’t have enough money to buy food and they’re hungry

Amelia: Oh no…. (looking down at the card)

Me: …so sometimes people donate food to those families.  Would you like to donate some food on Saturday?

Amelia: But we need our food!

Me: No, we could give some extra food.  Or we could go to the store and buy some food to give.

Amelia: Yeah! Let’s do that!

Me: We can go shopping and buy some canned goods

Amelia: Yeah, we can buy candy

Me: No.  Canned Goods.

Amelia:  Yeah…but then we can buy candy for the kids who don’t have any candy.  We’ll just sneak it in.

Me:  Oh.  Um, okay.


Then when Jason came upstairs from working in the basement, Amelia brought him the card and said “we’re going to give some food to families that don’t have enough!”, so incredibly proud that she was going to be helping.  I was completely bursting with mama-pride.  

You know, we have our share of “bad parent days”…Days when nobody is cooperating or things are said that we’re not proud of or desperation forces us to do something that we’d wouldn’t generally find acceptable (Capri Sun & Fritos in front of the TV so mommy can get a shower). ..But every so often, I feel like we’re really doing something right.


….that is, until she’s 13 and decides that Jason & I are stupid and that NOTHING we say is right.


One thought on “Food Drive

  1. This made me cry…oh how I love my family sooo much! I know she will be something great someday…maybe not famous, but to only those she is great too!

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