Lines on the Road

Well…you might have heard…a lady ran across our lawn a couple months ago.  You know, from now on I may just incorporate this story into EVERY post that I make.  It’ll be a bit like the joke my co-workers have about how every conversation I have leads back to either my kids or my ankle (a story for another time).  

 After the ‘incident’, and my subsequent appointment to ‘street captin’ (I still don’t have a hat.  lame), I started working with the HOA president to get the Douglas County DOT to address the speed probem in our sub-division.  I’m not sure what had been going on before, but shortly after I became involved, the DOT agreed to meet with the homeowners.  (It had nothing to do with me, I never called them.  I don’t want to make it sound like I made it happen.  If anything, it was the police report that someone had been speeding and driven off the road.)

At the beginning of the meeting, the representative from the DOT gave a pretty standard sounding disclaimer.  They said that they wanted to work with us to make this right, but that EVERYTHING takes time and EVERYTHING costs money.  I think they probably thought that we’d come in, guns blazing, demanding speed bumps or traffic lights.  Maybe some people DID have that plan.

At the end of the meeting, the homeowners had come to the conclusion that what our main streets really needed were…….center lines.  We have some wide open areas on our street where there aren’t a lot of houses and people fly through, all over the road.  There are people who will pass you IN OUR SUBDIVISION if they feel like you’re going too slow.  Seriously.  I see people come around the blind corner below our house on the wrong side of the street all the time.  Basically, our neighborhood is an f-ing free-for-all and people are all over the place because they don’t think that they have any boundaries.  A line down the center of the road would at least keep people in check.  I think the DOT guys were a little shocked.  Their reaction was essentially “Uh….oh….okay.  We can do that.”

It took a month, but yesterday I saw the big machinery drive up past my house.  I was giddy like a schoolgirl because I knew what was coming.  After they drove back down the hill, I went outside. 

This is what I saw…….





Beautiful double lines down the center of the street!  Let the age of responsible driving begin!

(yeah, I know that people are still going to drive like maniacs…..but let me have my moment.)

We’ll see what actually happens.  To fully evaluate the effectiveness of the lines, I’ll have to spend some time this weekend sitting out in my drive-way (sipping a cool beverage, perhaps) watching people drive past.  That should be no problem.   🙂


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