Flip Flops

I’m going to go ahead and warn you that this post is not what you would traditionally call “deep”.  Yes, I could write a diatribe on how flip flops mirror the state of modern society or how the history of female footwear is indicative of women in politics.  But really….it’s just about my shoes.

Before I broke my ankle, I loved shoes.  I loved looking at shoes.  I loved shopping for shoes.  I loved trying on shoes.  I don’t want to get too dramatic, but breaking my ankle completely robbed me of this joy.  I honestly could care less about shoe shopping.  I find a pair of shoes and wear them as much as I can until they fall off my feet.  I do keep a few pairs of shoes in the wings in case I want to get fancy or my outfit requires something different.  But generally, I stick to my everyday shoes. 

Last winter my shoes were a pair of black Bass clogs that I got at the Bass Outlet on Clearance for $8.  The advantage to these shoes was that they made me tall like heels used to do.  It has to be a VERY good day (ankle-wise) for me to wear heels.  But with these cool clogs, I was able to kick them on, gain a few inches and feel pretty good.  However, near the end of winter they started coming apart near my toe and as the weather got warmer my feet were getting stinky.  Buh-bye clogs.

Luckily, as I phased clogs out, it was getting warm enough to phase flip-flops in.

(please tell me that other people put this much thought and process into their footwear…..)

I love flip-flops.  They’re easy to put on…and even easier to kick off.  They’re pretty versatile.  I feel like they make the wearer look effortlessly cool.  Yay!

So, found a pair of flip-flops that I hadn’t worn very much the previous summer and put them into regular rotation.  Brown leather(-like)…goes with everything.  I don’t have the prettiest feet but, as long as I kept my nails painted, I looked presentable.

This was great until I wore my shoes to the Wanee Music Festival.  I figured that they’d be good comfy shoes that I could kick on and off pretty easily.  The one thing I didn’t anticipate was the mud.  Deep, thick, squishy mud.  Mud that sucked your shoe off as you tried to quick-step across the field.  I was able to retrieve my shoes any time I lost them, but when I got home my shoes were torn apart and permanently caked with mud.

I was mourning the loss of my perfect flip-flops when I found another pair in my closet that I’d forgotten about.  They were dark gold and had just enough sparkle to make them fancy (but subtle enough to make them passable for casual).  They were literally the PERFECT shoes for me.  The color complemented my burgundy toenail polish perfectly.  I’m completely obsessed with burgundy polish on my toes….but that’s another post…..

So, I wore my perfect shoes for a solid 2 weeks.  They went with everything.  They never gave me a blister.  Best of all, they looked perfect with the dress I’d planned to wear to a wedding I was going to.  Victory!

I was at this wedding, shoes sparkling, feeling fine, when I took Z out to the car to change his diaper.  The wedding was at a farm, so the cars were parked in a field.  I was almost to my car when I tripped and BROKE my beautiful, perfect flip-flop (right foot).  Luckily, the wedding was at a farm and not a swanky hotel and I just went barefoot for the rest of the day.  Actually, I don’t think anybody ever noticed….

So, here I am, back home after 2 fun, shoe-destroying trips……flip-flop-less.  Sad.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this isn’t the deepest series of thoughts that I’ve ever had.  I’m actually feeling a little embarrassed about the lame-ness of this whole thing and how upset I am to not have a “go-to” pair of shoes.  My main point of writing this was to remind myself that I need to go buy flip-flops tomorrow. 

Aren’t you glad you read this?


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