29 Gifts

Remember the movie ‘Pay it Forward’?  You know, Haley Joel Osment played a kid who developed a movement to change the world by bringing good to others?  Do you remember the last scene, after he’d died, when the line of cars full of people coming to pay their respects extended miles back down the road?  Did you finish that movie feeling inspired and wishing that the world could be changed so easily?  Did you wonder if there were really people out there doing things like that? Did you wonder whether it was really possible?

Hey, guess what…It is.

A little over a year ago I read an article about this young woman named Cami who was in the process of starting a “Giving Movement”.  During a rough patch in her life, Cami had consulted with Mbali, a spiritual advisor, who had told her about an African ritual based on giving things away.  The theory is that if a person commits to giving thing to others (for, say, 29 days), they take their focus off of themselves and their problems.  Of course, they will also brighten someone else’s day, which will almost certainly be passed on.  Everybody wins.  So, Cami started a website to spread the word and recruit more people to join the movement and improve the world.

I found the site via darynkagan.com.  I know Daryn from when she was at CNN and I love checking in periodically on her “feel-good news” website.  When you need a boost, you should definitely check it out.  So, I came across a story about 29Gifts and I loved the idea immediately. 

I remember talking to a co-worker about giving blood.  His comment was “I don’t always have  money, and I don’t always have time…..but I always have blood to spare.”  It’s true, as overextended as you feel, you always have SOMETHING to give.  A big part of Cami’s philosophy is that people gives things every day- a smile, an open door, a few minutes to listen- and it’s just a matter of recognizing and appreciating that.

So, go check out the site….look around…sign up.  It’s your chance to change the world.




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