I was reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday and Ryan, the writer & a brand-new father, was describing the relief he felt at NOT being the dad lugging the ton of baby “gear” around.  He gives all the credit to his lovely wife who has, as one (I) might say, “been on this merry-go-round before”.  I’m not sure if this is just a natural easiness she has or if, like me, she learned her lesson with her first child.  I admit, with Amelia we accumulated a lot of crap.  We figured that it was better to have too much than to be missing some key element that we would NEED and just didn’t know it yet.  The second time around, I was 38 weeks pregnant with Z and asked Jason “uhhh, are we supposed to have more stuff than this?”  The answer was No.  We already had the carseat, the diapers & some clothes.  We were good.  

But this isn’t actually the point of my post.

So, I read this post and as I was reading through the comments, I noticed a few describing the sweetness/hotness/sexiness of a dad who wears his baby.  To be honest, I can’t exactly remember if “sweet” “hot” or “sexy” were even used in the comments…but trust me, the sentiment was there.  As much as their asshole guy friends will harass a baby-wearing dad, any woman will instantly think of that black & white poster of the hot bare-chested guy holding a baby.  Trust me, I speak the truth.

I’m going to go along with the crowd on this one and agree that a man wearing his baby is cool as hell.  I love babywearing in general, but there’s nothing like a dad owning the fact that a baby is strapped to his chest (or back).  He does need to own it though….the effect slips when the dad looks around self-consciously while awkwardly adjusting a flowery sling.  Clearly, some carriers will work better than others…and some carriers are just cooler then others (don’t even get me started on the damn Bjorns). 

Our preference (Jason, myself & both kids) is the Ergo.  It works well, it looks good and it’s lasted through 2 kids (I could carry either of them in it right now without batting an eye).  It’s designed to distribute the child’s weight so it’s supported by your hips, not your back or shoulders.  No, it honestly doesn’t hurt your back.  Yes, I’m serious.  Plus, we got the bug-print lining, which is incredibly manly for Jason.   

During our vacation last month I told Jason that if I ever burn out and quit my job, I’m going to go sell Ergo carriers on the beach.  In the middle of a long beach day, I threw Z in the Ergo and walked up and down the beach so he would nap (yes, it worked).  The entire time I had people asking me about the carrier, commenting on my carrier, telling their friend/spouse/child “that’s what YOU need”.  Oh, if only I’d had a box of them in the trunk of my car…

So, anyway, baby-wearing is fantastic and you should do it…particularly if you have a baby.  And dads, if you want to be sweet to your lady, be awesome to your kids & look like a superhero to everyone that walks by, you MUST embrace this.

I’m just saying…..  








I bet you never thought about playing darts with a baby on your back, huh?  The only thing you have to watch out for is the wind-up to the throw…particularly if your kid has long arms.  They can get grabby.

Isn’t my husband handsome???


BTW, the picture with Amelia was 2 years ago when she was 2.  Can you believe how baby-faced they BOTH were in that picture?


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