Simple Coincidences

I was skimming through my Facebook newsfeed tonight when I came across my friend Seth’s profile.  I went to high school with Seth, we had the same bus-stop, but I’m not sure that I’ve actually seen or talked to him since we graduated.  He’s now in California managing Topo Ranch…sweet life.  So, I was looking at Seth’s profile (I’d actually come to it from  Topo Ranch’s Facebook page), and I noticed that his website was listed as  I found this hilareous (for obvious reasons), so I decided to just check it out and see what was there.

Hey, guess what….


Yeah….same background, same header, same cool-ass car in a tunnel.  Now, I know that this is a standard WordPress theme and many other people have it too.  But we came from a small school in a small valley in Vermont and we went completely seperate ways….and we’re apparently sharing a bit of the same brain. 

To be fair, he had his set-up WAY before me (years).  Maybe I secretly idolize Seth.  Maybe it’s such a secret that *I* didn’t even know about it. 

He hasn’t been blogging lately.  He’s been busy selling cool T-shirts (go buy one).  I guess it’s a good thing.  I’d hate for there to be an East Coast-West Coast battle….especially because it would probably be pretty, um, Simple.

Strangely, this was not my only bizarre “small world” connection today.  I was raving (via Twitter) about the ecobags  that I’d just received in the mail and my friend Margot replied and said ‘Hey, the CEO is my cousin!’.  I’d ordered the bags through a third party vendor that had absolutely no connection to my friend from college (who now lives in MA).  Are you kidding me?

Yeah, I know that the internet makes the whole world smaller….but I still love a good “Wow, what are the chances???” story.

BTW, if you’re on Facebook, become a fan of Topo Ranch.  They’re shooting for 5000 fans right now. 

And check out ecobags because, well, you always need a reusable bag.  I bought 3 of the string bags- 2 totes & a long-handled.  I’ll let you know what I think once I get a chance to use them.


2 thoughts on “Simple Coincidences

  1. yes, say hi to cousin Margot.
    My pr people picked this up for me.
    We love making connections and hey, thanks for tooting about ecobags. We started way back in 1989 and it’s grass roots that got the movement started. Lots of good happening…enjoy the sunshine today.

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