Golden Tooth

The kids & I took an impromptu trip to the Zoo today.  Amelia starts Pre-K tomorrow, and we were up early this morning (we’ve been trying to get up early so Amelia gets used to the routine), so when Amelia asked if we could go, I said Yes.  I think it surprised her that I agreed so quickly.  My only conditions were that we wouldn’t buy anything & we could only spend a couple hours there.  You wouldn’t believe how it cut down on begging, whining & dawdling…I may do this every time we go.

Because we were there pretty early, there were very few people there (SO NICE).  The only area that was a bit crowded was the Panda exhibit.  Three of the Pandas were inside, so everyone was packed into the 3-sided glass enclosure.

As we were walking out, Amelia asked “Mommy, do some people have golden teeth?”.  We live in Atlanta….it happens.  I tried to be subtle and look back to see if we’d passed anyone with a grill.  I didn’t see anyone obvious, but it seems like she must have seen it somewhere.  My daughter comes out with a lot of random stuff, but I feel like gold teeth are something that she’d have to see right then in order to comment. 

When I told her that, yes, some people do have gold teeth, she opened her mouth wide and said “Do I have any golden teeth?”.  Um, no sweetie, you don’t have any golden teeth.  And yes, she did ask about  golden teeth…not gold teeth.  Then she asked “Mommy, when will I grow a golden tooth?”  I had to break it to her that people don’t actually grow golden teeth.  She was bummed.  It was a little like the time she asked when she was going to turn brown and I told her that she wouldn’t.  Oh, the heartbreak of a 4 year old…..

I thought the conversation was finished….until she asked “Mommy…when can I GET a golden tooth?”

I said what any good mother would say.

“Right after you buy your mama a Cadillac.”


One thought on “Golden Tooth

  1. Way too funny! I’m cracking up! Hope all is good for you guys down in HOT-lanta! So glad the news is good for Jason’s dad!!!!

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