Celebrity Baby Look-a-Like

It’s always been our joke that Zaven looks like Zuma Rossdale (the second son of Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale).  Blonde mohawk, round cheeks, Z name…they could be twins!  So when I saw that Celebrity Baby Blog was doing a ‘Celebrity Baby Look-a-Like Contest’, and that Zuma was one of the subjects, I sent a photo.  In the age of digital photos and email, it really wasn’t much of an effort.  I didn’t really think that much of it.  I figured that there would be thousands of submission and it would just be the luck of the draw.  At most, I hoped that Z’s picture would be one of a crop of cute babies sporting mohawks posted on the website.

*To be clear, I don’t think that they’re REALLY twins, however they do seem to have the same hair in color, growth & style.*

Six weeks later I got an email from the website titled ‘Zuma Look-a-Like’.  “Oh neat!” I thought,   “Maybe he’s a finalist or something.”  I opened the email and, not only was Zaven the WINNER, but his picture was going to be published in People Magazine.  Um….huh?

Apparently, in my casual e-mailing of my son’s picture, I’d completely missed the fact that the winners’ photos would be included in a celebrity baby feature in the magazine.  Niiiice.

Two weeks later, Zaven graced page 86 of a People Magazine with Alyssa Milano’s wedding photo on the cover (the ultimate irony for Jason because she’s been his celebrity crush FOREVER and now we have 5 copies of the magazine as keepsakes).  He definitey wasn’t the closest match, that honor goes to a baby named Maxine who looks eerily like Tori Spelling’s daughter Stella, but he was without a doubt the cutest kid there (I may be biased).  I’ve had many people comment that they thought Zaven was much cuter than Zuma.  But, really, what are they going to say to me? 


It’s a fun little claim to fame.  The cashiers at Kroger refer to Z as “the movie star” every time we’re there.  Word has spread and people come into Jason’s store asking about him. 

Of course, Amelia started posing the other day and told me “Mom, I need to get in a magazine”.  Well, we’ll see babe….


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