Inventory of a 32 year old woman’s purse…

Yes.  Seriously.

Tonight is night #2 of my 4 month overnight rotation at work.  I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be here…it’s magical.  *eyes rolling*  I can’t complain TOO much (although I’m sure I will) because my last rotation was 3 1/2 years ago.  And, really, it’s only four months….it’s a college semester.

At 2:30am the sleepiness begins, so I generally try to find a project.  It’s important to keep your mind engaged.  If you allow yourself to get fuzzy half-way through a 10 hour shift, it’s going to be a LONG night. 

Tonight’s project has been cleaning out my purse.  I know, major.  It’s a bit misleading to call my bag a “purse”. The term ‘Purse’  makes it sound very grown-up and solid….leather probably.  In reality, I carry a woven guatemalan-inspired bag that I originally bought for a music festival and can double as a diaper bag.  My usual M.O. is to let things collect in my bag until it gets too heavy and the strap breaks.  Then I buy a new bag, transfer the essentials & swear to myself that I’ll never do it again.  Really, I don’t think this is unusual.

So, needless to say, there was a lot of crap in my bag.  Once I dug out and disposed of all the random receipts, shopping lists, flyers & other papers, I had a weird collection of….”stuff”.  I’m a working mom & a pack-rat.  I often grab things on my way out the door and throw it into my bag, never to be seen again. 

I love being able to peek into other people’s stuff…purse, bathroom, make-up case…I have since I was little.  One of my features in Working Mother Magazine is the detail about what the featured cover mom carries in her purse (or always has with her).  So, because I’ve got the time, here’s a comprehensive list of what this 32 year old, slightly disorganized, working mom has in her purse at 3am on a Wednesday night…..



-Cellphone Case (which almost never holds the phone)

-2 partial books of stamps

-bottle of nail polish (Rimmel 403 Hypnotise)

-2 small bottles lotion (Rosemary Mint & Lemongrass Sage)

-1 pair little girl’s socks & 1 black knee-high sock

-2 tubes lip-gloss, 2 tubes lip balm & 1oz can of Bag Balm

-7 individually wrapped mints

-1 bottle infant Tylenol

-1 bottle Ibuprofen (with 1 pill inside)

-12 grocery coupons

-1 issue Cookie Magazine

-2 pouches Emergen-C

-1 ‘Hello Kitty’ Band-aid

-4 copies of Zaven’s vax records

-1 pair Barbie-size sneakers

Hmmm….I may need to de-clutter.


*Watch for future “Overnight Ramblings”.  I’m here for four more months….


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