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It just keeps getting better.

After I posted/tweeted/sang about the brilliance of Kideos yesterday, the company wrote to me via Twitter to thank me for the post and let me know that they also just launched an EDUCATIONAL GAME SITE!!! is, as the website describes, “a one-stop web destination for accessing educational games, and homework help for K-6 students”.  Like, it provides links to other website’s content (in this case, games) and organizes it into grade-level & subject categories.  The site also provides “homework help” and learning tips for students and parents.

Now that Amelia is in Pre-K, I’ve been encouraging her to play educational games to work on her letters and numbers.  Because she’s shown more interest in the computer lately, I’ve been trying to find a good, FREE, resource for age-appropriate games that will actually serve a purpose.  We have a few sites that we use, but they’re spotty when it comes to educational value.  I’m not a stickler, but I’d like her “screen time” (as my pediatrician says) to be productive…unlike mine (yes, I said it).  It’s also a problem when she starts playing one game, and then clicks on a game in the sidebar that is either geared toward a 12 year old and way too sophisticated or part of a paid subscription site.

So, again, check these folks out.   They’re awesome and I feel like they’ve got our (kids, parents, families) best interest in mind.  I haven’t looked at everything on the site yet, but they’ve just recently launched and seem to be working out the early kinks.  Take a look and give them some feedback!


*It should be said that, despite my constant raving in the last 2 days, Earlier Media (the parent company of Kideos & GameClassroom) is not paying me or giving me anything for talking about them.  I’m just really excited about this and think that it’s a great idea.  I know that a lot of parents will be well-served by these websites.  If they were here right now, I’d kiss them on the mouth.


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