Recipes for a Family in Need

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta area was deluged with so much rain so quickly that any area remotely near a river or body of water was severely flooded (while other areas, like my house, were completely unaffected).  Sadly, most of the casualties were on my side of town.  One of the people who lost their life was a young mother named  Delena.    I didn’ t know Delena, but her family attends my friend’s church.  She was a mom who lived a town away from me and I could have seen her at Target or Kroger on any given day.

At a time like this, it would be natural for the community to rally around her family to provide money or material goods.  Instead, this woman decided to take a practical, and very sweet, approach.


Hi – My name is Sara McMichael.  I would like to put together a cookbook for my friend Ty Weathers, who lost his wife Delena, in the floods Monday.  He has 2 small children that he is going to have to learn how to cook for!  I was wondering if you could post something on your site regarding this?  I would like to try to get as many kid-friendly, EASY recipes as possible.  These can be main dishes, sides, desserts or whatever!  

Thanx – Sara

Your readers can email them directly to me


Please consider contributing.  It’s not cash.  It’s not time.  It’s just emailing a recipe.  It’s simple and it will benefit this family forever.



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