Halloween Ghost Story

Hey, do you want to hear a ghost story?  It’s a good one!

I posted this on my MySpace blog on May 21, 2006


For those who don’t know her, my sister Phaedra is an extremely scientific mind…she’s very logical and very rational and she does not believe anything that she can’t prove or see.  Because of this, I absolutely believe this story….

Phaedra works for a nature center in Colorado and lives in a very old cabin on the grounds.  For the entire year that she’s lived there, she’s often felt like there was something strange going on.  She’d often wake up at night feeling as if someone was in the room with her (she lives alone).  Once she woke up and there was a light around the door….in the middle of the night in rural Colorado. 

A few weeks ago she woke up and heard what sounded to her like children playing.  She opened her eyes and there was a boy standing beside her bed looking at her.  She says that he looked to be around eight years old and had wild hair.  Her first thought was “I’m not on medic duty, why did they send a kid in here?”….then she thought “It’s Sunday, there aren’t any kids on the grounds tonight”.  At this realization, she stiffened and may have gasped.  At that moment, the boy disappeared.  (it’s okay, you can say it– HOLY SHIT!!!)

She said that, even though it was dark she could see him well, as if he were emitting a light.  He didn’t say anything, just looked at her. 

Creepy, eh?



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