Church Street’s Hot Dog Lady

This is the post that I was GOING to make yesterday…..

From the WCAX website:

Burlington Honors Hot Dog Lady

Burlington, Vermont – November 7, 2009

 The Queen of Hot Dog’s in Vermont was honored Saturday.  Lois Bodoky, known to most as “The Hot Dog Lady”, received red carpet treatment today.  For 28 years Bodoky operated a hot dog cart on Church Street.  She retired in 2005.

 Saturday, the city unveiled a plaque outside Homeport, honoring her years of service to hungry customers. The location is where she operated the cart after her beauty shop burned down in the 70s.  Bodoky says she misses her customers, especially feeding the needy for free.

“There wasn’t a child that didn’t like a hot dog. I remember one day a little boy coming down the street here, and he was crying, and his mother had told him he couldn’t have a hot dog. And so as they got closer, I understand what was going on, and I said to the mother, do you mind if I give him a hot dog, and she said, no, and he took the hot dog in his hands, it was a day like today, cold, and he said this is warm. I love it, made my day,” Bodoky recalled.

Bodoky isn’t fully retired. Even though she is no longer selling hot dogs on the Church Street Marketplace, she hands out food samples at Costco in Colchester.



One thought on “Church Street’s Hot Dog Lady

  1. I am honored to have known Lois, having bought a couple of dogs from her pretty much weekly for a good ten years when I worked around the corner in the Federal Building; I still look forward to visiting with her when I shop at Costco. I understand she had a heart attack a couple of months back. I do hope she’s doing OK.

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