Fun Fact About Danny Elfman

Did you know that Danny Elfman provided the singing voice for Jack Skellington in Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’?  He’s made such a name for himself as a Composer- Edward Scissorhands, The Simpsons, Spider-Man, Batman (I could go on)- it’s easy to forget that he was a Singer/Songwriter and Rock Star first.  He’s got a beautiful voice.  In fact, that’s what led me to this discovery, I flipped past Nightmare the other day and thought ‘Wow, whoever does Jack’s voice is really good…I wonder who it is.”  Incidentally, Chris Sarandon provides Jack’s speaking voice and Catherine O’Hara does Sally’s voice.   

I also just learned (while checking my facts on his official website) that Danny Elfman is self-taught and has had no formal musical training.  It’s amazing how distinctive you can be when you don’t have formal training holding you back.

Also, if you’ve never heard ‘Serenada Schizophrana’, Elfman’s first orchestral composition written specifically for the concert hall, go to his website and listen to the samples.  It’s definitely “Elfman-esque”, but he seems to stretch his arms a little too.  It’s actually really cool to concentrate on the music, rather than just have it complement a film.  I guess this is nothing new, the piece was originally performed in 2005 and the CD was released in 2006, but I just discovered it and I think it’s worth checking out.

So, there you go.  You’ve learned a little more about Danny Elfman….


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