Parent-Teacher Conference

I hit another “Parent Milestone” on Thursday.  I had my first Parent-Teacher conference.  Nothing bad.  It was just a mid-year meeting to touch base with Amelia’s Pre-K teacher. 

Now, I know that Amelia’s a good kid.  She’s smart and well-behaved and sweet and pretty much perfect (hee hee hee).  I figured it would be a pretty good conference.  However, as I signed up for my time-slot last week, I felt a tiny twinge of worry.  Am I a completely biased mom?  Could I be completely naive in thinking that Amelia is well-behaved.  She’s had one note from the teacher following a tantrum caused by lack of sleep.  Could that mean that she’s a “problem child”?  I figured that it would be standard for the teacher to give a couple examples of things that Amelia has trouble with or needs to work on.  What would those things be?  Is she too shy?  Is she too sensitive?  Does she have tantrums that they just tell us about?  By the time I walked into the classroom, I was a basketcase.

The teacher, Miss Sabrina, told me that it wouldn’t take long, so we could just stand (instead of sitting in the teeny tiny chairs).  She took a minute to look over her file and then she sighed.

This is it!  She’s going to tell me that I have a devil child!

“Amelia is wonderful.  She’s well adjusted.  She’s well-liked.  She catches on to the lessons.  She’s compassionate.  In fact, I’m really surprised that this is her first classroom experience.”

Oh….okay then.

I asked about a couple concerns that Jason and I had discussed.  Miss Sabrina said that she hadn’t noticed any issues.  I kept asking about things, almost LOOKING for things to be wrong, but Miss Sabrina wouldn’t give one criticism.

So, I guess I just have to accept it.

My kid is awesome.


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