Where I’ve Been

Sooo….I haven’t written in a while.  I just realized that it’s been almost two months (although, in my defense, I wrote 2 posts and forgot to publish them.  Oops)

Do I have a fantastic reason?  Nope.  Have I been occupied by some other big project?  Hell no.

For anyone who really, really wants to know…here’s what has happened in the last two months:

  • My mom came to visit
  • Zaven had his birthday
  • My dad came to visit
  • My in-laws moved to GA
  • My mom & Grammy Flo came to visit
  • We celebrated Mother’s Day
  • Our puppy died (on Mother’s Day)
  • Amelia graduated from Pre-K
  • We saw a newborn gorilla at the Zoo
  • We got a new puppy
  • I got an iPhone

Yeah.  That pretty much covers it.

In the coming weeks, I may extrapolate on a few of these.  We’ll see.


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