Gentleman at Walmart

With Amelia starting school, Zaven & I are back to our school year routine of sitting around the house staring at each other.  For the first 2 days of school (Thursday & Friday), the two of us hung around, pretending to do housework (me) and asking where Amelia was (him).  After a weekend of having his sister home, I knew that Zaven would be sad to see her go again.  So Monday morning and packed him up and we made our long overdue trip to Walmart. 

I don’t go to Walmart much, I can generally get everything I need during my weekly grocery shopping trip at Kroger.  However, after a vacation (yes, it was a month ago) and all-around chaos at our house, we had a perfect storm of needing toilet paper, paper towels, dog food & shampoo.  So…off to Walmart we went.

(It should be said that the other advantage of Walmart is that there’s a McDonalds in the store…and I hadn’t had a Sausage Biscuit in a LOOOOONG time.)

After an hour and a half of shopping (yeah, that should hold us for a while) we checked out.  Zaven, always the gentleman, handed me things to put of the counter, all the while saying “Mommy, I help!” and pushing me if I reached for anything myself.  I thought “Oh, that’s cute, I wonder how long it’ll be before has falls asleep.” 

But, much to my surprise, Zaven was not finished helping.  As we pushed the cart toward the Exit, Zaven started pushing me, reaching up toward the pushbar and screaming “NO!  I PUSH THE CART!” 

I thought that he’d give up quickly considering that I had 65lbs of dogfood in the cart.  Not so much….he was determined.


So, we spent 15 minutes standing in front of Walmart in the 90 degree Georgia heat while Zaven pushed and pushed…never making it more than a couple inches.  It was AWESOME.

Finally, however, the heat and exertion wore him down and I was able to float an idea that was to his liking. 

Good thing too….because that junk was getting OLD.  I assured him that I was flattered by the gesture and that it proved that he was very strong and masculine.

…..and he was passed out by the time we got out of the parking lot.


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