1. The state of being away from a place or person.
2. An occasion or period of being away from a place or person.

I’ve been wanting to come back and write something for a while.  I’d be driving home from work and think about something I’d like to write about.  I’d work the wording out in my head.  I’d think of an image that I’d include.  And then I’d pull into my driveway and be swept back into the swirl of cooking dinner and checking homework.  I’d plan to dig in and write after the kids were in bed….and then I wouldn’t.

And soon it turned into a thing…a big shadow that followed me and pulled on my brain when I would think “is there something I should be doing?”.

There were things I could (and should) have been writing about (I’ll get to that in a minute).  There was a block of time during which I didn’t have to go to work (I’ll get to that too).  And still, I didn’t do it.

But I’m here now.  I’m finally doing it.  There are a lot of things I wish I’d documented here.  I regret that.  But I’m here now….ready to start over.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time recounting everything that’s happened in the last year (although I’ll probably bring it up as it’s needed).  But, there is one thing that I should mention…

I had a baby.

Zaria was born in March.  She’s awesome.  I’ve been on maternity leave for the last 11 weeks.  Now that I’m back to work, I’m looking to dip my toes back into life outside of Babyland.

So…I’m back.  See you soon.


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