Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes….

And by ‘diamonds’, I actually mean ‘duct tape’. Let me explain…

Since returning to work 2 weeks ago, it’s been a constant struggle to find shoes that are A) work appropriate, B) comfortable & C) match my still very limited wardrobe. I was digging through my closet the other day and I found this pair of suede Nine West pumps.


These shoes are perfect.  The nude color matches everything.  The shoe extends up higher on the foot, so they’re incredibly comfortable.  And, best of all, I bought them at Jason’s store so I only paid $2.09. 

I spent the morning strutting through the newsroom, thinking about my fantastic shoes and planning the outfits I’d wear with them (I know…deep).  Then, as I was returning to my desk with my lunch, something seemed a little “off”.  I sat down and looked at my perfect shoes…and the entire sole was cracked….on both shoes.  Damn. 

Luckily, my manager found me a roll of tape (I referred to it as duct tape, but I believe it’s technically masking tape) and I made a quick fix.

So, what am I going to do now? This tape probably won’t hold my shoe past the end of the day. Do I get my $2 shoes fixed? It seems silly, but these are my perfect shoes right now (I don’t care that they have a skinny heel and were probably made in the late-90’s). I’m not even sure how one goes about having shoes fixed…where do I go? Hmmm…this will require some research.

Until then, I may have to rock some actual duct tape.  Seriously, that stuff is amazing.  Two weeks ago, when I fell and scraped my elbow up, I used duct tape and a paper towel until I bought some bandages (coincidentally, lifehacker recently recommended this).   And I can’t tell you how long my family drove our Ford Explorer around with duct tape holding the headlights together (with a spare roll in the glove compartment). 

While looking slightly more appropriate than the shiny silver duct tape, the masking tape isn’t quite cutting it.


And on a sidenote, after writing this post, this is what’s going through my head:

And she said honey take me dancing
But they ended up by sleeping
In a doorway
By the bodegas and the lights on
Upper Broadway
Wearing diamonds on the soles of their shoes

Paul Simon


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