Doing What We Can

While the East Coast was bracing for Hurricane Irene and everybody was panicking about New York City, Jason and I sat in our Atlanta area home, watched the projected path and remarked “Whoa, that’s going right through Vermont…and those rivers are going to flood.” We had no idea that it would rival the Great Flood of 1927 or that it would literally cut our hometowns off from the rest of the state.

We expected some water damage, but we never expected that rushing water would wipe out entire roads.

We didn’t realize that our friends’ homes and offices would literally fill with water.

(Photo by Megan Schultz)

And we never imagined that the unthinkable would happen.

When the water had cleared, and we’d finally heard from our loved ones, we wondered “What can we do?”. We felt completely powerless and ached to be there to help. Within a day, we started seeing Facebook status updates from friends elsewhere in the country expressing the same sadness, frustration and feelings of helplessness. Once a Vermonter, always a Vermonter.

While I started pitching stories at work, relaying information from person to person about the conditions of roads & pimping t-shirts, Jason realized that he needed to get his hands dirty. He needed to feel his muscles ache from hard work. He needed to be there.

So, that’s where we are. In 2 weeks, Jason will head up to Vermont. He’ll work wherever he’s needed and do whatever he can. By that time, things will be organized enough that a week’s worth of work by one person will make even more of an impact. Exhaustion will be setting in, and he’ll be able to relieve residents.

The cool thing about all these little towns in VT is that a little will go a long way. Please consider donating whatever you can (no matter how small). 100% of this money benefit communities that Jason will be serving.

And if anyone would like to help in any way at all, travel with him, meet up, send something specific (this is all very fluid right now), let us know!!

Peace, Love & Maple Syrup,


2 thoughts on “Doing What We Can

  1. I saw this link on one of Megan’s posts and it brought tears to my eyes…because I completely relate. I wish there is something I could do…How are you collecting donations?
    The pictures of Moretown, the valley and Waterbury make my heart sink and I am not sure when I will be able to get up there. (I live in Memphis now)
    Through all this it the one thing that has remained constant is how amazingly resilient Vermonters are and that makes me so proud to be one.

    • Hey Becky!
      Thank you so much for the comment. It’s so, so heartbreaking to see all of this and not be there to help. Jason is definitely a hero for making the trip up there. And yes, Vermonters are such a fantastic breed (I miss them….).

      Jason & I have set up a fund-raising page to take donations. There are plenty of other “official” charities/funds, but we wanted to be able to use the money to help where it’s needed, but may not benefit from the usual channels, and where it will make the most impact. The site is: Check it out, Pass it on!!!


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