Yeah…What They Said….

This picture has been making the rounds, but it’s BRILLIANT.  I want to live in the next house over and hang my Christmas lights to read:



Bummed About St. Nick

Last year I took the kids to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see Father Christmas.  It was the nicest set-up…outside in the garden, Father Christmas in a long green robe (red is for shopping malls!) and a wreath on his head.  And best, you could take as many photos as you wanted- your kids with Santa, your kids alone, Santa alone, other kids-  FOR FREE.  No being rushed through a cattle line at the mall, only to be overcharged for one sub-par picture.  It was perfect.

So, when I noticed that the Botanical Garden has posted their “Holiday Events” schedule, I was excited.  I couldn’t wait to find a time that Jason &B I were both off work so we could ALL go.   I scanned the scedules and it listed a train exhibit, holiday tea, even a ‘reindog parade’….but no Father Christmas.  Not even a mention of Santa Claus or St Nick.  How could this be???

I asked around, but nobody knew anything about it.  I finally emailed the general Garden information account to ask.  Two days later, I received this:

We will not be having Father Christmas this year.
Thank you for your interest.


So, now we’re in the market for a new non-cheesy, non-mall, ideally no-cost Santa.  If anybody has any suggestions for around Atlanta, please let me know.  If I find anything, I’ll post it here. 

Until then, Peace Out Father Christmas.  We’ll miss you.

*By the way, I noticed the other day that somebody came across my blog by searching “Father Christmas Atlanta Botanical Gardens”. That’s actually a big reason reason for this post.  I can only assume that they were trying to find the same information that I was.  If  they happen to come across this post, I hope it helps.