A 3 Year Old, A Love Triangle & a Little Bit of Incest

Over the weekend, I walked into the bathroom to find Zaven looking at the pipe under the sink. When I asked him what he was doing, this conversation happened:


Me: What are you doing
Zaven: I lost my wedding ring down the drain.
Me: Ummm…huh?
Z: My wedding ring went down the sink…I have to to take the sink apart.
Me: Wait…wedding ring? Who are you married to?
Z: (pause) Aunt Phae
Me: Aunt Phae? And what does Uncle Paul think about this.
Z: (turns to look at me…completely calm and straight faced) I don’t really care what he thinks.



I, for one, cannot WAIT until he starts pursuing real, non-incest, relationships. I’m sure there will be NO drama at all. Nope….no drama AT ALL.



Mama Drama

I was recounting a story about some drama/gossip going on in one of the local mom groups I used to be involved with.  The drama wasn’t actually the story.  The drama was back-story which made the story I was telling even funnier/more ironic.

I was finishing the dramatic back-story when my friend Claire, who is single and child-free, looked at me and said “It never ends does it?  The cliques.  The drama. The gossip.  It doesn’t even end once you have kids?”


No Claire, it doesn’t.

Actually, a lot of times, it gets worse.