The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

The Zac Brown Band tore it up at the CMA’s tonight.  I generally don’t approve of people covering this song, but this was amazing.  I saw Charlie Daniels sing this once and by the end of the song his bow was completely torn up.  I remember thinking “Wow, nobody is ever going to come close to this.”  My mind has been changed.  I LOVE to see talented, young, musicians just kicking ass.  I didn’t even mind that the singing the fiddle playing were done by different people…..

You know you’ve done a good job at the CMA’s when you get a standing ovation and in the pan of the crowd you see Kris Kristofferson beaming.* 

Year’s ago, Jason used to see Zac Brown play at a bar he frequented.  I remember him coming home all the time  saying “Wow, that guy is going to make it big someday.”  At the end of this performance, Jason looked at me and said “Wow, I’m sort of bursting with pride right now.”

*How weird is it that I’ve mentioned Kris Kristofferson twice in the last week??


The Jacket

Do you ever see a movie and recognize so many people in it that you wonder why you’re never heard of it before?  The was me watching ‘The Jacket’.  To be fair, I fell asleep half way through (I’ve been fighting a cold), so I really can’t tell you how the movie was.  The part I saw was disturbing…but sort of intriguing. 

The funny thing was that, before we turned the movie on, neither of us had ever even heard anything about this film.  The Direct TV synopsis mentioned Adrien Brody and Kris Kristofferson, so we expected them.  But as I watched the movie, I kept asking Jason “Hey, isn’t that….”.  This was hilareous because Jason could watch the year’s blockbuster starring the biggest star in the world and not remember what movie is was or who was in it.

It was a really strange mix of talent…some A-list, some not…but, yeah, it was stacked…..

Adrien Brody Jack Starks
Keira Knightley Jackie Price
Kris Kristofferson Dr. Thomas Becker
Jennifer Jason Leigh Dr. Beth Lorenson
Kelly Lynch Jean Price
Brad Renfro The Stranger
Daniel Craig Rudy Mackenzie
Steven Mackintosh Dr. Hopkins
Brendan Coyle Damon
Mackenzie Phillips Nurse Harding
Laura Marano Young Jackie
Jason Lewis Officer Harrison