To Vermont….and Back

I like to think of myself as spontaneous and adventurous….but in reality, my life isn’t nearly as wild as I wish it was. Three kids, a full-time job, a husband that only has one weekend day off…it happens. So, when Jason suggested I take an impromptu road-trip to from Georgia to Vermont, I initially blew it off. There was no way that I could just pick up and drive 1200 miles with a 3 year old and a 7 month old, alone, in a week.

…Is there?

Jason’s mind has no limits. It would have been just as likely for him to suggest I go to the moon for a week (and then stare at me incredulously while I explained why that wasn’t possible). I’m a little more practical. Sometimes TOO practical, I suppose.

…so I went.

I drove up there, stopping at my sister’s house in New Jersey for the night, with no plans beyond the Grace PotterGood Night Irene” benefit concert that I’d procured tickets to a couple days earlier. I didn’t want to fill the week with obligations and plans and hours driving around the state. I just wanted to go. And be. And let things happen.

And things did happen. I had several chance meetings with old friends on the street and in restaurants. I took the kids to a local high school soccer game. I wandered around a farmer’s market with my baby in a sling, with absolutely no other responsibility or schedule. We even caught a Bread & Puppet performance with some old family friends (another family that we’d traveled to Glover with to see B&P’s annual Pageant and & Circus when we were kids…this time we were there with OUR kids).

It was wonderful to be home. Wonderful to be surrounded by so many people who care about community and their neighbors and the state of the world. It’s something I miss so much living in GA. Sure, there are people like that…but they’re few and far between…sigh, that’s a whole other post.

It was wonderful to be able to stop and relax and smile. For some reason, it’s different here. My life is different here.

So, here I am, back in Georgia. I spent yesterday angry at the world because I have to be here and because I have to go to work and because I don’t get to lie around reading books in my everyday life. Tomorrow I’m going to start fresh (Today’s just a transitional day during which I write a blog post about what I’m doing).

I’ve said this before, but I’m going to try and get my focus back to simplifying my life. A re-calibration, if you will. There’s not as much “Simply” in my “Jess” as there should be (sorry, that was corny, but I just kept thinking it).

If I can’t be in Vermont…I might as well bring the Vermont spirit with me back to Georgia.



Okay, so my one month off to get through the holidays turned out to be a bit longer than one month.  It’s okay though…you know, since my parents are probably my only regular followers and I talk to them once a week.  Hi Mom & Dad.

During my blog-free 7 weeks, quite a lot happened.  We celebrated Christmas and the New Year, I finished my overnight rotation at work, there was an earthquake in Haiti, we replaced our kitchen floor with slate tile & we celebrated Amelia’s 5th birthday.  I also spent some time thinking about the direction I wanted to take my blog (that makes it sounds very, very serious.  It wasn’t, it was more like ‘hmmm, should I try to have some sort of theme?’ while I was driving Amelia to school). 

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my blog.  When I started, I just wanted a place to get my thoughts out and get some writing done.  Then I started thinking about how cool it would be for people to actually READ what I was writing.  I read, and it completely makes sense, that in order to gain a readership you need to have some sort of niche.  I have no niche.  I don’t want to be ANOTHER mom blog.  I haven’t had any sort of hobby or project that I felt compelled to use to fill a slice of cyberspace.  I was at a loss.

Then, while doing that New Year thing where I decide to eat healthier and exercise more and cut negative people out of my life, I had a bit of an epiphany.  The name of my blog is SIMPLYjess.  It’s not COMPLICATEDjess or NEUROTICjess (although that would be cool).  My tag line is “Just another girl living simply in a complicated world“.  Um, HELLO.

So, here’s the deal.  2010 is the year that I simplify.  This is that year that I ensuring that everything in my life has a purpose.  Simplify my life, simplify my house, simplify my blog.  What does this mean exactly?  Damned if I know.  But I hope to figure it out and use this blog to document my journey.  I invite you all to join me.  Feel free to to point and laugh.

Stay tuned…..