Amelia’s Note to the Tooth Fairy

I noticed that Amelia had a loose tooth a couple weeks ago. It’s early, she’s only 4, so I was in complete denial. For some reason, a loose tooth has been more of a parent-trauma than anything else up to now.

So, we’ve watched the tooth slowly get looser and looser (and the adult tooth start coming in right behind it), but it wouldn’t fall out.  Then, on Saturday morning, Amelia mentioned something about her tooth.  I went to check on the progress…..and it was gone.  The tooth was nowhere to be found.  We checked Amelia’s bed, around her room, in the bathroom.  It was gone. 

So, we did the next logical thing….we wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation.




Amelia’s new favorite thing is to watch videos on YouTube.  I tend to encourage cool concert footage or performances, but occasionally she’ll get sucked into Dora vignettes.  For the most part it’s great- she gets to amuse herself for a little while while I get other things done.  But every so often Amelia will click through the “Related Video” and get from LazyTown singing about exercise to LazyTown simulated porn (seriously, don’t ask).

The other day I was helping her get back to something more appropriate than 2 teenage boys setting their shirts on fire and I thought “wow, I wish there was a child-friendly version of YouTube, maybe you can set a filter….”

Hey, guess what…


I’m so excited about this.  It’s a collection reviewed videos, all sorts of videos, that are classified into age-appropriate categories.  I love that it’s not just obscure, corny videos.  It’s the Muppets, it’s movie trailers, it’s that baby dancing to Beyonce.  And it’s set up so well… organized by age-group, character, even language.  Best of all, it’s SIMPLE.  It’s a website that a child will actually be able to navigate (without ads popping up).

When I saw the site, I thought “Wow!  this is perfect!”.  I’ve sent the link to a few mom-friends and they’ve all said the same thing “This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!”.  It’s rare to find something that legitimately helps you be a better parent without asking for something in return.  This brilliant. 

Amelia is going to be PSYCHED.