One of those mornings…..

I rolled out of bed this morning cursing the infant teething process and wishing that we could have another time change so I could gain another hour of sleep.  After I stretched and got my bearings, I went to wake Amelia up for school.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to wake her up in the morning, so when I walked into her room, I was on a mission.  I stepped up onto the bottom rung of the ladder to her loft bed and started saying her name.  I shook her shoulder and was thinking about finding a song on my phone to play her when she popped up into a sitting position.

Amelia: “What??”

Me: (slightly annoyed) “You need to get up”

Amelia: (looking at me) “Why?”

Me: “You need to get ready for school”

Amelia: “No I don’t”

**It’s at this point that I remember that today is election day… and there’s no school on election day.**

Me: “…oh shit”  (stepping down from the ladder and walking toward her door) “see you in half an hour”

Amelia:   “Well, I’m awake NOW.”

And then my 6 year old daughter spent the next 30 minutes sitting in my bed watching TV and periodically looking over at me trying to sleep and chuckling.

I also managed to spill my coffee on a jumbo pack of toilet paper left in the middle of the kitchen and get a monster paper cut while reaching into my purse for my sunglasses.


I’m Lame

So….I’ve found that getting comments on my blog is fairly addictive.  I’m sure there’s some deep meaning in my psyche that causes me to feel this way.  It means that somebody, a stranger out in the world, is reading.  Yes, I could tell more people about this blog….but the idea of strangers reading seems more appealing (something else for a shrink to analyze…but not my shrink, I don’t see a shrink).  Maybe it seems cooler because somebody is reading it because they WANT to, instead of because they feel that they need to (or they want dirt on me).

I checked my email today and saw that I had a “pingback” (ask me how long it took me to understand what this was).  I was so inappropriately excited.  Somebody was out there and considered my post enough that they related it back to something else.  My thoughts are part of a web of knowledge!  Hooray!

So I breathlessly click the link to get the details…..

….and it was a pingback from one of MY posts.   Yes.  I referred back to my ‘100 Best Novels’ post when I was writing about Catch-22 (I’m not going to link back to either of these because I don’t want any more pingback disappointment.  You can find the posts, my blog isn’t that big….)

Silly me.